четверг, 2 августа 2007 г.

7 Tips How To Write A Popular Post

  1. Write catchy headlines. Headlines, more than anything else, will catch the eye of a potential Digger or deliciouser.

  2. Deliver the content. Your content should deliver exactly what you said you would give them, and be as well-written as possible.

  3. Be useful. Some of the most popular posts are the ones that teach the reader to do something they’ve always wanted to do, or that offer them a resource they can use often...

  4. Write about a hot topic.

  5. Write a great lead. The opening paragraph (or two), after the headline, is the most important part of the post.

  6. Use lists. Hey, we know it A busy Digger or deliciouser can easily catch your main points without having to spend much time reading the whole post.

  7. Be original. Do something different, think of a way to give a new perspective or refreshing angle to an old post, add humor throughout the post.

From: FreelanceSwitch